Tears in the Classroom & A Breadmaking Poem

Sometimes we plan the best lesson and get so excited anticipating the results in our class…and then it does not go as planned. This is what happened one day when we were shaping bread and my daughter burst into tears. It was unexpected and disappointing for me. What had I done wrong? Or did another student do something to her? What had gone wrong in my class?

So what does one do with tears? Or when the lesson does not go as planned?

Sofi wrote this for the Earthschooling Kids Connect forum (where Earthschooling kids can share their thoughts, lessons and experiences) and I thought it offered some wonderful insight for teachers. First of all we can calmly find out why the tears are happening. We may be surprised at the reason! (It turned out to be a lot less serious than I thought)

Secondly, we can choose to “go with the flow” like Sofi did in this poem and make something wonderful from the tears…

Bunny Bread
by Sofi Mandil, Age 15, of www.Earthschooling.com
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Little small brown bunny bread
We make the dough
We shape the dough
We bake it for a while
When it comes out of the oven
I have the biggest smile

Little small brown bunny bread
You fill my heart with glee
Who could have made you so cute?
Oh, I remember – it was me!

I’m proud smiling ear to ear
That I created you right here
But how am I to eat you?
This is what I feared…

Little small brown bunny bread
You’re just too cute for me to eat!
So how can I make you
Into a strawberry jam filled treat?

I cannot bring myself to eat this little guy
So I make more bread but this time
In the shape of a kitten!

Oh little small brown kitten
Whatever shall I do?
You are so cute too!

Aha! I know….

Little small brown bunny bread…
I made a friend for you!

Sofi Mandil, Age 15
Memories from shaping bread in the Earthschooling early childhood classroom

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