Native American Heritage Month Titles

Feature Partner Native Voices

In honor of Native American Heritage Month (U.S.) this year I would like to feature 7th Generation Native Voices Books, one of our partners. It is inspiring to work with a publisher “dedicated to publishing quality fiction and nonfiction titles for children and young adults;” furthermore, supporting and collaborating with “American Indian authors [who] provide cultural accuracy and exciting contemporary content showcasing the diversity of Native American Nations and Canadian Indigenous people.” You can read more about them by following the imbedded links in this blog post. 

I also invite you to browse the dozens of titles in our Native American Books section of the Waldorf Books store. You will find many stories, legends, and biographies from indigenous tribes across the U.S. and Canada like the ones below:

Pathfinders Series: Autumn’s Dawn

Knots on a Counting Rope

Legends of the Iroquois

Native Women of Courage

The First Fire: A Cherokee Story

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