Top Ten Earthschooling Opportunities

1. Our interest-free payment plans are very popular. This week we extended those plans to cover additional items and added a discount as well. You can find special payment plans HERE.

2. Get free mini-lessons, verses, natural healing recipes and more by signing up for our e-mail BLOG delivery service. This is different than our newsletter. You can sign up on the upper left side-bar HERE.

3. Starting a co-op can save you up to 75% on your curriculum. See more information HERE.

4. Take the FREE Waldorf 101 Course HERE.

5. Become an affiliate HERE.

6. Read all about the temperaments for FREE HERE.

7. Join our FREE book club – The Temperaments and the Adult-Child Relationship HERE.

8. Join our FREE public Earthschooling chat group HERE.

9. Watch some of our FREE Waldorf-inspired videos HERE.

10. Follow our fun boards on Pinterest or our Instagram account (see below). We love connecting with others on Instagram! Be sure to tag #Earthschooling or check out all the #Earthschooling tags when you visit your Instagram account.

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