Why Handwriting is Still Important

Waldorf Principle Explored: 3-Day-Rhythm

Creating one’s own Main Lesson Book, complete with handwritten pages is a task unique to Waldorf students. With the increase of computer usage in traditional classrooms and the rise of computer-centric online schools we think it is important to remember why handwriting is so important. This article explores that concept…

Huffington Post

Nowadays we rarely pick up a pen and paper to communicate with one another, but it might not be wise for us to trade this long-standing, cultural practice entirely for the convenience of text messages and emails.

Research has shown that the general act of writing by hand can promote quite a few physical and mental benefits, from improving learning abilities to fostering a more positive outlook on life. And when it comes to writing that is used as a form of communication between two people…

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  1. My daughter is nearly 10 years old. She sometimes writes with her left hand and other times with her right hand. What does this say about her and how important is it to prefer one hand?

    • Dear Jeanine, I would need more information about her to give an accurate evaluation of what this means. However, it usually indicates a high level of communication between the right and left brain areas and is a good sign. She can be encouraged to continue writing with both hands. She may develop different methods of holding the pencil with each hand and may even have different handwriting with each hand. This is also fine.


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