Why I’m So Excited About the Spiritual Syllabus/Golden Beetle Books

As you have already read in this post here, Earthschooling has taken over publishing and distribution rights to the Spiritual Syllabus of Alan Whitehead, also known as Golden Beetle Books. Many of you may already know that within this collection of 54 books is a subset of what has been called, “…the most comprehensive catalogue of the Rudolf Steiner Education program ever published.”

So the opportunity to offer Earthschoolers not just one, but TWO full curriculum options is very exciting indeed! But that’s not the only reason I’m excited about this series.

Right now we are in the process of entering them in digitally (they were out of publication for so long and do not exist in any digital format that is needed to republish them) so we are sharing them in the form of a chapter at a time. We are working on the books listed here. However, we are also taking requests as to which 7 books we should work on next. Just let us know which ones you are most interested in from this list here.

The “chapter at a time” we are doing now is actually an amazing way to read the books because I’ve been able to tag each chapter according to not only the name of the book, but also grade, subject, and lesson block so you can either read by book (that is the main organization) or you can use the side-bar and read everything having to do with, for example, “Third Grade”, or “Man and Animal Block.”

As we get more books online this is going to be revolutionary for his books because some of the chapters are so rich they could literally be books within themselves, and although he organized each book by topic – each chapter within those books could really fall under at least three categories. This will guarantee that if a person wants everything on say, the Fifth Grade Ancient Cultures Block, they would literally have access to everything on that topic across all 54 of this books.

If you are interested in this “book club by the chapter” we are only charging $125.00 for this, we have a discussion group attached to it, and it also includes access to all 54 of the digital books once they are online (which should be within the year for all of them, but a new chapter or more goes online each day). You can read more about that here.

If you want to be informed each time a new completed book becomes available as a digital or print edition you can sign up for the Golden Beetle Book Club mailing list here:


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