Winter Snack for Wildlife Guests

While the kids were out sledding yesterday I thought I would prepare them a surprise. I popped popcorn, sliced up some oranges and some apples, put some dried cranberries in a bowl and cut up bread into squares and put out a knife with a big jar of peanut butter. Then I started to string some needles and jute thread so we could thread the food on strings and make a Christmas tree for the birds.

However, as happens to many projects, the kids decided to modify it a bit.

“WOW! What a great snack mom!” they exclaimed upon finishing their sledding. OK, I know sledding it supposed to make kids hungry but MY kids eating dried cranberries and oranges and apples with GLEE? As if it were the best thing on earth?

I decided not to say anything. I just let them much away on the healthy snack and then about half-way through I said “How about sharing this with the birds?” and I showed them the string. “What a great idea” Sofi says.

Then we had great fun stringing the leftovers on strings – especially the CRUSTS of the bread that Sofi never eats (we have happy birds in our front yard).

Now the birds have a Yummy Christmas Tree and we had a yummy snack!

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