You Are Your Child’s First Teacher

Feature Author Rahima Baldwin Dancy

Rahima Baldwin Dancy is internationally known as a midwife, Waldorf early childhood and parenting educator and author of You Are Your Child’s First Teacher. She was co-director of Rainbow Bridge LifeWays Program for 1-5 year olds in Boulder, Colorado and currently works for LifeWays North America as Outreach Coordinator. She continues to support homeschooling parents by offering blog articles and more than 175 different audio and video recordings from the many “Waldorf in the Home” conferences that she produced for parents throughout the years ( Rahima and her husband, Agaf Dancy, have raised four adult children and have four grandchildren.

You Are Your Child’s First Teacher

Author Rahima Baldwin Dancy Discusses You Are Your Child’s First Teacher


“Parenting the Nine Year Old” by Rahima Baldwin Dancy


“Focusing on Home Life” by Rahima Baldwin Dancy


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