Aurogole’s Journey, Across Five Novels

Feature Author Shirley Latessa

The author tells me she created The Auragole Quartet with teenagers in mind. I agree that teens are likely to love these stories. I would like to add that I believe adults will, too — I was barely able to put my copy down once I started reading. This is the first fantasy fiction I’ve read that has some real substance to it, that seriously considers some of the most pressing questions we humans face. Very, very highly recommended.

Auragole Quartet and Prequel Novel

Auragole Quartet Book #1: Auragole of the Mountains

Auragole Quartet Book #2: Auragole of the Way

Auragole Quartet Book #3: Auragole of Mattelmead

Auragole Quartet Book #4: Auragole and the Last Battle

Auragole Quartet Prequel: Meeklor: The Early Years

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