Form Drawing Resources for Multiple Ages

Waldorf Skill: Form Drawing 

Form drawing as an educational tool is a technique developed by Rudolf Steiner that serves a variety of educational functions. Form drawing in a very basic sense teaches children that all forms in nature are derived from a combination of lines and curves and shapes. However, form drawing itself is not a concept that was invented by Steiner himself. It was just Steiner that gave method and name to this concept of drawing and recognizing forms. This recognition of the importance of lines and shapes goes back to ancient times and has been explored by many prominent scientists, philosophers and artists throughout history. Sacred geometry is one such derivation of man seeking to understand the divine meaning of form. We must also remember that all cultures started with the language of forms and drawing before they developed actual alphabets.

Friday Freebie: How to Teach Form Drawing

Earthschooling Form Drawing Blocks

Lord’s Form Drawing Series

Creative Form Drawing: Workbook 1 Ages 6-10

Creative Form Drawing: Workbook 2 Ages 10-12

Creative Form Drawing for the Four Temperaments: Workbook 3 Ages 6-12

Kutzli’s Form Drawing Series

Creative Form Drawing Workbook 1

Creative Form Drawing Workbook 2

Creative Form Drawing Workbook 3

Embrey-Stine & Schuberth’s Form Drawing Resource

Form Drawing Grades 1-4

Ask a Waldorf Teacher about Form Drawing

Ask a Waldorf Teacher: What Colors Should We Use With Form Drawing Lessons?

Ask a Waldorf Teacher: How Many Form Drawings Should I Introduce at One Time?

When Should I Introduce Crayon Drawing?

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