How Do I Move on from Kindergarten Stories with Props?

Question from John and KarenRight now all my stories for my pre/K child are done with figures and props. When it comes to 1st grade are main lesson stories only told using chalkboard drawings or can puppetry type storytelling still be used?

Reply from Waldorf Teacher Diane Power: To tell stories in the grades, it becomes more of an oral art, if you will. Vivid descriptions and rich vocabulary provide inspiration to the imagination as well as to assisting the transition to reading and writing. This is not to say you can’t use props or a puppet on occasion to vary your routine. The chalkboard drawing was done on the second day to bring the “picture” of the letter that you are presenting. For example, the story of Rapunzel with a picture of a tower on the second day and writing the letter “T” on the third day.

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