My First Grader Has a Hard Time Retaining Letters

Question from Member: My First Grader Has a Hard Time Retaining Letters

Our 7 year old son (Sept. Birthday) started grade 1 this year. I have been sharing stories and introducing the letters of the alphabet. He is starting to catch on, but he has a hard time retaining all of the letters he has learned. We are on letter P. He is also having a hard time remembering how to spell his name, Phineas. I have five children, three who are older than Phineas, and learning the letters and letter sounds came easily to each of them. My husband is concerned that Phineas is having a more difficult time with this. Do you have any thoughts or feedback for me on this? Should I be worried? Thanks again. – Susan

Reply from Waldorf Teacher, Diane Power

Regarding your son and the concern about him, I wonder if he is showing this issue with memory in other matters… Some children are slower to catch on and it takes a bit of repetition depending on their learning style. Is he still eager to learn? Is he excited to read and write? If not, perhaps there is an underlying issue. It is much too difficulty to tell without seeing him… Also, what is your intuition saying? Supporting activities include jumprope, knitting, and flute playing.

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