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Grammar Verses

Here are some extra Grammar Verses you can use for ages first through sixth grade depending on what you are working on at the time. Some Public Domain Rhymes First Little Reminders: Public Domain A cat has claws at the ends of its paws and a comma is a pause...
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How Much Writing Should Second Graders Do?

These discussions are taken from our Earthschooling Member Forum where Earthschooling members can have weekly discussions with Waldorf teacher Diane Power. Question from Member Kirstee R: I was wondering on the amount of writing that would be expected daily/weekly for a child in second grade. He reads well above grade...
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I’m Spending Too Much Time on English & Math

Question from Member: Spending Too Much Time on English & Math We seem to be doing English and Maths all the time. English is through stories, and Maths we have been doing fractions for ever so long. We are doing animal and humans and Norse myths, but I find we...
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My First Grader Has a Hard Time Retaining Letters

Question from Member: My First Grader Has a Hard Time Retaining Letters Our 7 year old son (Sept. Birthday) started grade 1 this year. I have been sharing stories and introducing the letters of the alphabet. He is starting to catch on, but he has a hard time retaining all...
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