Should I Instruct a KG Student During Block Crayon Lessons?

Question from Member: Should I Instruct a KG Student During Block Crayon Lessons?

I was just watching the block coloring tutorial video and was hoping to get come clarification. My child is kindergarten and my understanding was at this age everything should be by imitation, giving the child little or no directions when it comes to things like coloring, painting, and modeling. But in the video you are very clear on giving direct instructions. Is this more for at G1 and up? Should I be doing this in Kindergarten? – Tiffany

Reply from Waldorf Teacher Diane Power

Direct instruction is for G1 and up. As you child is kindergarten-age, have the block crayons available, sit next to your child and color with him/her. Perhaps speak aloud about what you are drawing – “This is our tree in the back yard. I am going to put a bird’s nest on the branch and have the mama bird fly to her nest.”

Also, “I like to mix colors – I think I will use green and yellow for the grass.” In this manner your child may imitate you, or not…but you are “teaching” without giving directions. The child can color on their own at times, but I feel it provides more guidance to be doing the activity with the kindergarten-aged child.

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