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How Childhood Anxiety Could Change the Brain

Waldorf Principles Explored: Inner Work, Rhythm Waldorf education teaches the importance of daily inner work for the teacher and the influence of this task on one of the most important aspects of the Waldorf classroom – rhythm & balance. Creating peace, balance, & rhythm are central to Waldorf education. This article...
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Disruption of Sleep in Children Can Hamper Memory

Waldorf Principle Explored: 3-Day-Rhythm The concept of the 3-day-rhythm in Waldorf education (explained HERE) states that it is important for a child to be able to “sleep on” new ideas and concepts so they can retain what they have learned. This is one reason that lessons are given over a three day...
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The Connection Between Lack Of Sleep And A Shrinking Brain

Waldorf Principle Explored: 3-Day-Rhythm If you embrace Waldorf education you have probably heard about the importance of the 3-day-rhythm. One of the central principles of this method is that allowing the child to “sleep on” a lesson will allow them to absorb the information more deeply and explore it more efficiently the following two days. Huffington Post While...
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The Rhythm of Learning

“Life in its entirety is like a plant. The plant contains not only what it offers to external life; it also holds a future state within its hidden depths. One who has before him a plant only just in leaf, knows very well that after some time there will be...
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