Using Math with Creation Myth Stories in G3

Question from Member: How Can I Use Math in Creation Myth Stories?

How can I bring in liquid or dry measurement (weights for grade 3 math) through those stories and be able to cover volume or dry measure or even housebuilding, that would be great. In your reply if you can please kindly specify which story or resource I can use that will help greatly. Thanks! – Saima

Reply by Waldorf Teacher, Diane Power

Hi Salma! Regarding the volume block, this is the beginning of the sciences for the child. I would bring this block at this point in the year with farming and cooking. Perhaps you could use parts from Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder as an introduction. The creation myth stories don’t necessarily need to be tied to your block subject matter, they can be used as a transition after your ML work is complete. To introduce the subject, begin with “Long ago…” The underlying goal is to have the student experience volume, with seeing the difference between the measurements, perhaps blindfolding them to feel two objects and decide which is heavier, cooking or making smoothies using the measurements. Talk about why we even need measurements A fun book to have is “The Book of Comparisons.” The housebuilding can also be brought in this way with the OT stories supporting the overall theme of the year. Fort building is a great project – “A Kid’s Guide to Building Forts” by Tom Birdseye


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