I’m Spending Too Much Time on English & Math

Question from Member: Spending Too Much Time on English & Math

We seem to be doing English and Maths all the time. English is through stories, and Maths we have been doing fractions for ever so long. We are doing animal and humans and Norse myths, but I find we tend to spend too much time on English and Maths. Sometimes the children may get a little bored. I’m afraid that we won’t get time to cover it all by the time the year is out. Any suggestions on how to plan out the year on how much time we need on each subject? I’m doing grade 1 and 4. – Sofie

Reply from Waldorf Teacher Diane Power

Hi Sofie! I would pause and think about the time you have remaining to teach and the goals you have set for this school year Are they still attainable with the time left? Can you condense things so that you are working out of an “economy of soul?” Is there time to breathe between subjects? For example, are you letting the English rest once in awhile as the main focus and focus on Math? Then letting the Math rest and bring new English stories to relieve the boredom? Are you bringing in new material? Or bringing things in a new or different way? Play games as a way to review the material? Perhaps consider what can be brought at the beginning of next school year also to relieve any stress around bringing everything!

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