Introducing Waldorf Teacher Colin Price and Six NEW Books!

We are so excited to be introducing Colin Price & Songbird Press to our collection of Waldorf books for our members and new customers! This collection is now EXCLUSIVE to Earthschooling – you will not find these books anywhere else.

Note: All Lifetime Family Curriculum Members have these books included in the Teacher Support Package that comes with their Curriculum Package

You can read a little about Colin below and see some free samples of all six books by using the links below his bio…

Colin Price qualified originally as an artist in England in 1962, with a focus on painting. He followed that with a training as a Public School teacher, and subsequently taught in three different Public Schools. Dissatisfied with the lack of real pedagogy and insight into the growing child, he found his way to Emerson College where he took a Waldorf teacher-training under that inspiring individual Francis Edmunds.

Colin has been active ever since, both as a class teacher and a subject teacher. He has taken three whole classes through their eight years of elementary schooling from grade 1 to grade 8, as is the practice in Waldorf Schools, and has picked up two others in their middle school years. In 1980, he emigrated with his wife and children to Canada, and has given talks and workshops in several major cities in North America. He is currently teaching at the Merriconeag Waldorf School in Freeport, Maine, USA.

As parents, Colin and his wife Siegrun have had their two children go right through from Kindergarten to graduation from their twelfth grade classes, and have experienced as many questions along the route as do most parents.

Colin has had three other books published, the Waldorf songbook “Let’s Sing and Celebrate! – Vol.1” the book of Waldorf class plays “Let’s Do a Play! – Vol.1” and the middle school musical “The Duchess’ Bath.” Many of his original songs have now been printed in sheet-music format, and are available to school choirs, parent groups and singing organizations, from Songbird Press.

Twelve Common Misunderstandings About Waldorf Education: Digital Edition

Let’s Sing and Celebrate: 105 Originals Songs for Seasons and Festivals: Digital Edition

The Art of Writing Songs for Children: Digital Edition

Let’s Do a Play (For Grades 1 -5): Digital Edition

Shadow Drawing and Shadow Projection: Digital Edition

The Duchess’ Bath: Two Hilarious Days in the Life of Leonardo Da Vinci: Digital Edition

Columbus: A Middle School Musical: Digital Version




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