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The Importance of Singing in the Home & Classroom

By Michelle Marinelli Prindle Singing is the single most important musical experience a child can have.  It lays the foundation for all future musicality in life.  In many years of teaching private music lessons and classes, I have seen that all children can learn to make music.  Yet it is...
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The Bee – Verse for Kindergarten and First Grade Waldorf Earthschooling Members

The Bee Oh! busy bee, On wing so free, Yet all in order true; Each seems to know, Both where to go, And what it has to do. ‘Mid summer heat, The honey sweet, It gathers while it may; In tiny drops, And never stops To waste its time in...
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Summer Verse for G1 & G2 Members

How the corn has grown ripe in the Summer’s hot days, And the reaping began with the sun’s early rays, Mike and Jack since the morn, Have been cutting the corn, Which is bound up by Peggy and Sue; And sweet, flaunting poppies and flow’rets of blue Wag their heads o’er...
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Free Waldorf Verse for December

This is from a Public Domain collection of classic poetry. It is such a beautiful Waldorf verse for December!  I Heard a Bird Sing By Oliver Herford I heard a bird sing In the dark of December A magical thing And sweet to remember: “We are nearer to Spring Than...
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