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How Much Writing Should Second Graders Do?

These discussions are taken from our Earthschooling Member Forum where Earthschooling members can have weekly discussions with Waldorf teacher Diane Power. Question from Member Kirstee R: I was wondering on the amount of writing that would be expected daily/weekly for a child in second grade. He reads well above grade...
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Winter Verse for First and Second Grade Waldorf Earthschooling Members

Stern Winter—most unwelcome guest!— The earth in whitest robes has drest; And hast’ning through the crunching snow, With tinkling bells, the sledges go. The leafless wood looks drear and sad, No birds sing now with voices glad;— But children are romping far and wide, And o’er the ice delight to slide....
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Summer Verse for G1 & G2 Members

How the corn has grown ripe in the Summer’s hot days, And the reaping began with the sun’s early rays, Mike and Jack since the morn, Have been cutting the corn, Which is bound up by Peggy and Sue; And sweet, flaunting poppies and flow’rets of blue Wag their heads o’er...
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Block Crayons and Developmental Skills

Question from Esther: I have a question about Stockmar vs Filana crayons. We have found that the Filana transfers to the paper much more easily, but you can still get different results applying different pressures. I would like to know if there is a reason why Stockmar for Waldorf other than...
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