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“Bread is Life” in Waldorf Education

The preparation and shaping of bread is a central part of the early childhood program in Waldorf education. This tradition is often continued into the upper grades as well. This tradition develops hand-eye coordination as well as community connections within the classroom. It also teaches students life skills and provides them with a snack for the morning. But did you know the act of making or eating bread could have an even greater impact on your students?

Listen to this interview with Kristie Burns by Sherry Borzo of Storied Gifts to hear about the many ways in which making and sharing bread can impact the lives of your students.

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Food and Togetherness

Festivals, Family, and Food

The Benefits of the Family Meal

What is an “Open Table”?

Baking Bread

The Waldorf Book of Breads

Fry Bread: Hardcover

Make Any Recipe Gluten Free

Gluten Free Breads: Tips from Members

Homemade Soups

The Waldorf School Book of Soups

Pumpkin Soup and Cherry Bread: A Steiner-Waldorf Kindergarten Cookbook

Pumpkin Smoothie for Balance & Nutrition

Encouraging Kids to Love Healthy Food

Scrumptious Snacks

The Waldorf Kindergarten Snack Book

Blueberries for Sal: Hardcover

Essential Kitchen Tools for Kids

Tuesday Tip: Food and Mood

Earthschooling Resources

Nutritional Well-Being for Kids

Package: Kids Can Heal Classes – All Classes

Nutritional Well-Being Certification Course

Naturopathic Series

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