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Creating Warmth in Your Home

A recent study has shown that people who have a warm beverage in their hands rate a stranger’s personality as warmer than those without the warm beverage and are more likely to be agreeable in negotiations. The same effect can be seen with touching soft things and being surrounded by...
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New Relaxation Techniques and Meditations

Not many people would jump at the chance to scoop bear feces for a vacation but that is what I found myself doing last week. I was volunteering in the animal husbandry division that morning at the wildlife center. This job consists of scooping up fox, wolf, cougar and bear...
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How Health Impacts Learning in Your Classroom

What if you were in control of the education your child was receiving and also the factors that could increase the effectiveness of this education? Wouldn’t that be exciting? Not only would you be able to teach your child but you would also be able to assure that they were...
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The Value of Online Education

According to the latest studies, polls and news you should be studying online and working online (full-time or at least part-time). If you are not – you are probably not reaching your earning potential or furthering your career as efficiently as you could be. I have been overwhelmed with the...
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How Being an Alternative Therapist is Like Living in Saudi Arabia

I lived in Saudi Arabia for a brief period while my husband worked for the Saudi-American (Aramco) oil company. Because things like men and women dancing together and Christian holidays were illegal Expats of some cultures had to use code words like “group exercise” or “seasonal celebration” and “jolly visitor”....
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Your Naturopathic Degree Program Teaches So Much More

“From all the comparison I have done on ND distance programs (and I looked at them all) yours teaches the same things they do, yet your program is much more affordable. I am excited and I feel I am learning so much more than most traditional ND programs would teach.  You...
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Ten Ways to Renew Your Hope in Healing

Someone spoke to me today on a casual basis today about an ailment they had. I mentioned some solutions that I would try for myself but their response was “I have tried everything”. They seemed very worn out from all the effort as well and didn’t seem enthusiastic about trying...
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