Music and Circle Time Books for the Beginner and the Expert

Music and Education

Playing music has a more positive impact on the brain than any other human activity, by engaging both halves of the brain equally.

— Oliver Sacks, Neurologist



Music’s Power on the Developing Brain and Beyond


Resources from Waldorf Books

Music Mountain: A Story to Teach Musical Notes: Digital Edition

33 Sun Songs : A Music Score for Steiner Children: Digital Edition

Choirs of Colours: Digital Edition


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Autumn: A Collection of Poems, Songs, and Stories for Young Children

The Singing, Playing Kindergarten

Giving Love-Bringing Joy — Audio CD


Companion Book Available HERE


Songbird Press Feature

Introducing Waldorf Teacher Colin Price and Six NEW Books!

Let’s Sing and Celebrate: 105 Originals Songs for Seasons and Festivals

The Duchess’ Bath: Two Hilarious Days in the Life of Leonardo Da Vinci

The Art of Writing Songs for Children: Digital Edition

Earthschooling Music Lessons

Ukulele Classes for Waldorf Students: Level One

Ukulele Classes for Waldorf Students: Level Two

Ukulele Classes for Waldorf Students: Level Three


Circle Time Verses for Preschool & Kindergarten

Playing & Teaching the Kinderlyre: A Complete Course

Interpretive Drumming (G6 – G9)

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